Welcome to FASD Research Project!

This research project is lead by Dr. Michelle Stewart at the University of Regina. For simplicity, this website has been divided into 4 different sections:

Free Resources: A collection of resources that can be used by various organizations and groups that come in contact with individuals with FASD.

Our Research: A section explaining the three key areas of Dr. Stewart’s Research Project

Other Research: A section highlighting the research of other organizations across Canada and internationally.

About the Team: A section describing the past and present members of the research team, their contributions, and a form to contact us with new resources and relevant information.


This web page is a product of Dr. Michelle Stewart’s research team based out of the University of Regina. This research has been made possible by the willingness of hundreds of people who have shared their experiences and insights with us as we all work to better understand FASD and best support individuals in our communities. The research is support by generous support from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Canada FASD Research Network, University of Regina, Canada Council for the Arts and the countless hours of students who work on this team. For questions and/or comments regarding the research project or about upcoming events please feel free to contact us. Dr. Stewart is a Strategic Lead with Canada FASD Research Network  and the Director of the Community Research Unit at the University of Regina. She has recently joined the University of Regina Research Team with SSHRC-sponsored research with the International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation. She is also o an research affiliate to the Indigenous Peoples Health Research Centre and Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit.

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