News Coverage – FASD at the Frontline: Dialogue and Strategies for New Outcomes

News Coverage – FASD at the Frontline: Dialogue and Strategies for New Outcomes

Alas – the training and workshop are done and I have a moment to write a blog! Let me begin by saying thank you to everyone who made the FASD events possible – the presenters, the University of Regina President Vianne Timmons, the Honourable Minister June Draude, the volunteers, and certainly not least, the participants. It’s the frontline workers who listened, absorbed, and now carry the messages that were sent during these events.

We’ve had incredible feedback about strategies that were never considered and local resources that were unknown. One of my favourite comments was along the lines of, “It’s nice to know other people are going through the same struggles as I am.” I hope the events held at the University of Regina on April 22 and 23 opened doors for those of you who attended. Frontline workers now have a little bit more in their toolkit to help themselves and each other in their daily work with clients that have FASD.

We are in the beginning stages of sorting through material – surveys, student notes, breakout session materials, and tabletop discussions. We will be aggregating this material, along with local resources, and speaker presentations to create a final report. This report will hopefully provide you with another avenue of resources, tools, and contacts that will assist you in working with individuals with an FASD.

Please feel free to email us at: We’d love to hear your feedback, comments, questions, and concerns about the training, the FASD public event, and the workshop. We would like to build in a section of participant reflections in the final report, and your comments would help!

Click here for video coverage of the workshop, as well as an interview with Cheryl Charron from the Regina Community Clinic.

To read an interview with Dr. Michelle Stewart about the FASD events and her research, click here.

– Krystal Glowatski

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