FASD and the Law: A Conversation about Current Research, Best Practices, and Ethical Considerations

Thanks to everyone who attended and made the event, FASD and the Law, a huge success! For those who missed the event here is a short synopsis.

Recent events in legal arenas in the US, UK and Canada, hold promise for new approaches to FASD in the legal system but also raise ethical questions. At the local level there are collaborations between police, courts, probation and community groups to help facilitate better justice outcomes for those living with FASD. At the national level, in 2010-2012, the Canadian Bar and American Bar Association passed resolutions on FASD. In 2013 and 2014 both Canada and the US government took up FASD through particular legislation and proposals to amend the Criminal Code. In the past year the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in the UK has taken up FASD through criminal cases. As these moves are afoot in multiple locations, we are presented with myriad examples of FASD being taken up in the context of the law—practices that are both promising but also deeply challenging.

This session wants to bring those engaged in these practices, and for those that are interested in learning more. This session will facilitate a space for justice professionals, community workers and families to share ideas while also discussing a path forward on the difficult issues surrounding justice for those with FASD.

Click here to listen to a podcast featuring interviews with guests from the event.

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