Highlights of 2014

2014 yielded many highlights both for the FASD Research Project as well as for the field of FASD research itself.

  • Click here for preliminary research findings for FASD at the Frontline.
  • Click here for the full final report for FASD at the Frontline.
  • Click here for key findings and policy recommendations from FASD at the Frontline.
  • The Report and Recommendations are coming soon to a library near you. If you have suggestions on other places for distribution please contact us.

  • The Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights has tabled their Final Report to Parliament on amendment to Criminal Code to include FASD and is scheduled for a second reading in Parliament on November 19
    • Click here for the full text of Bill C-583 
    • Click here to read the report on FASD.
  • New Issue Paper! FASD & the Criminal Justice System

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