Upcoming Event: “A Lifetime of FASD: Navigating Systems, Silences, and Transitions”

Dr. Michelle Stewart, in partnership with Regina Community Clinic (FASD Centre) will be hosting an event at the University of Regina on 28 April 2016.  This event is sponsored by CanFASD, the Regina Community Clinic, the Department of Justice Studies, the Department of Anthropology, the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies, the Department of Political Studies, the Department of Social Work, the Dean of Arts, and the Dean of Education.  This is the third annual FASD event held at the University of Regina and is informed by Dr. Michelle’s Stewart’s research in conversation with community stakeholders and partners.

This workshop will on the lived experience of individuals with FASD and the challenges they can face over a lifetime including during key transitions (youth to adult for example).

The morning session will be led by Dr. Dolores Logan (FASD Centre/Regina Community Clinic) who will discuss the effects of prenatal exposure to alcohol on the developing fetus (registered participants will receive certificate of completion following participation).

The afternoon will be a workshop focused on key life stages. The first session will be led by Lisa Brownstone who is both a caregiver and retired occupational therapist; Lisa will offer her perspective including key transition periods, systems, and barriers she’s helped to navigate.  Myles Himmelreich, a well-known public speaker who is living with FASD, will then lead the next discussion; Myles will discuss his experiences and strategies in navigating systems.  Dr. Michelle Stewart and her research team will then discuss recent research conducted in partnership with The Asante Centre, and PLEA Community Services in British Columbia; this project focused on people living with FASD and the concerns they have about aging with FASD. These sessions will conclude with a short round-table discussion.

Registration is open, and we welcome participants from all organizations and backgrounds.  Students and educators are encouraged to attend.  Please follow the link below to register for the event.

-Alexandra Johnson (Research Assistant for Dr. Michelle Stewart)

Click here to register for the event!


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