FASD, Justice & Reconciliation: A National Symposium



The University of Regina will be hosting a National Symposium focused on FASD and reconciliation on February 22 and 23. Participants from across Canada will partake in this two-day event that will bring together policy makers, frontline workers, para-professionals, students and researchers. As the title states, the event is hoping to create a space in which participants and speakers can raise tough questions while seeking out new collaborations as we all work towards rigorous and meaningful approaches to reconciliation. The Symposium is a project of the Canada Northwest FASD Partnership and Canada FASD Research Network. The event is directly informed my Dr. Michelle Stewart’s research in the area of FASD—and is part of a national conversation about reconciliation. FASD is embedded in the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions Calls to Action #33 and #34. We hope this event can help to foster richer understandings of FASD and of reconciliation work more broadly. The full agenda and list of speakers can be accessed here. The proceedings of the event will be made publicly available later in 2017.

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