Project Description

It is estimated that the rate of FASD in Canada is 9 in every 1,000 births; approximately 280,000 Canadians are currently thought to be affected. Studies indicate that Aboriginal People are disproportionately represented in this population. Misdiagnosis appears to be a problem with many people, particularly students…Misdiagnosis means that people with FASD are not receiving the type and number of interventions they require to be healthy and contributing members of society. Royal Canadian Mounted Police

What is FASD?

  • FASD is understood to be a permanent cognitive disability.
  • FASD is a diagnostic term used to describe a wide range of conditions that impact a person’s life.
  • FASD is a life-long condition.

What is this project about?

  • This research project will investigate FASD in the context of policing in Western provinces and focus police and local community-based organizations.
  • Research involves selecting a cross-section of police and non-police agencies in rural, small, medium and large communities in each province and conducting interviews.
  • Research questions focus on how police and community agencies create understandings about FASD and how these are operationalized at the front-line.

What is the goal?

  • The intent is to investigate how police gain understandings about FASD and seek out material that further assists police in their work.
  • Police and others working at the front-line don’t often have the time to find the resources they believe would be useful. This project asks participants what they think would be useful and then attempts to find the resource and make it available.
  • The project will allow for better understanding of FASD networks in Western provinces and will inform a national project on FASD across the sectors.
  • The findings have potential policy and procedure implications. As such the research team is working closely with all agencies involved.

How will findings be distributed?

  • Participants will be given the option for regular updates on the project.
  • The research team is planning to host an event in Spring 2014 to bring together police and CBOs to Regina to discuss FASD and front-line strategies.
  • This webpage will become one location where police and CBOs can find information and resources. We hope the resources are useful for front-line.
  • Articles and other publications will be announced and made available on this web page.
Project Title: Policing Risk: Understandings of FASD by Police and Non-Police Practitioners (2012-2014)
Principal Investigator: Dr. Michelle Stewart
Department of Justice Studies, University of Regina
For more information about the research team please click here.

This project is funded by internal grants at the University of Regina and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

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